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Welcome to our Client Transformation page! Founder, Derek Fedo of Southern Meal Prep, Southern Athletics LLC and Total Nutrition Atlanta has been impacting individuals to help achieve their health and fitness goals over the past decade.


Derek’s passion for health and fitness started in 2008 when he began competing in powerlifting in Florida. He found success quickly, winning many competitions and setting new records. Outside of Derek’s competitive nature, he wanted to educate himself on how the body worked, functioned, and operated, completing his first certification in 2009 (IFA International Fitness Association). A few years later, he began competing in bodybuilding and took a position at a local sports nutrition store named Nutrishop in Port Charlotte, Florida.


While in school studying architectural design and engineering, he devoted the rest of his time to learning the health and fitness industry. Derek acquired many certifications in Personal Training, Fitness, Nutrition, and Sports-Nutrition. After 4 years of managing Nutrishop, it converted to Total Nutrition. During this time, he started his Online-Training and Nutrition programs for competitive athletes in bodybuilding and powerlifting.


Derek then decided to take his career to the next level, moving and becoming the first Total Nutrition franchise owner in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the past 10 years, he’s trained over thousands of individuals with different goals in mind. From athletes to bodybuilding competitors, to successful business owners on the go, to stay-at-home moms who just wanted better eating habits and accountability!


Now, Southern Meal Prep and Southern Athletics have teamed up with a holistic approach, creating a better lifestyle fit for everyone, providing you RESULTS DRIVEN BY NUTRITION!


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