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Our menus change weekly and are created by our talented chefs. Some of these menus are featured below.

Rotating Weekly Menus

Interested in weekly meals? 
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Fresh Cabbage_edited.jpg

“Dude. I could

eat these three

meals forever.

Each is so good.”

Tom C.

Spinach Leaves_edited.jpg

“You weren’t joking about that Salisbury steak, wow! Thank you again.”

Elliott H.

Brussels Sprouts_edited_edited.jpg

“So the weekly meals honestly never disappoint but this turkey Bolognese is easily my favorite to date! 100%! Ya’ll hit it out of the park with this one... and I feel that means a little extra coming from me since I’m Italian. Lol”

Chrissy L.


Pick up your meals from any of our 12 pick up locations


Your prepared meals are crafted from fresh ingredients. Be sure to refrigerate them after pickup.


No Time? No Problem!

Simply heat your meals in the microwave for

1 minute on high.


Enjoy your meals!

We cater our meals to help you reach your goals!


Every week you can look forward to a new selection of meals curated by our talented chefs!

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